Freeing the message from the INBOX

Messaging has come to mean more than email, and industry, as a whole, is at a juncture.

Ten years ago, I installed monstrous email gateways that allowed for message flow between disparate, proprietary email systems -- internal to the organization. Despite patchwork "solutions," sending email messages outside of the organization was a pipedream. 

The Internet created as much of a buzz then, as does "2.0" today. To that point, check out this 1997 presentation, which opens with:

  • What's needed for mission-critical messaging?
  • What about security and reliability?
  • Can Internet mail technology do the job?

Ten years later and the same questions are being asked -- not due to lack of progress. Rather, these issues have come full circle owing to the freedom inherent in Internet messaging.

More so, messaging has come to mean more than email -- it's VoIP, instant messaging, chat, video mail... It is core to unified communications and collaboration --flavors of which are becoming as mission critical to the organization as email is today. The messaging industry, as a whole, is at a juncture, and "lessons learned" through email are not being fully leveraged.

I am this year's conference director for INBOX 2007, which means that I was able to develop the tracks and assign sessions to address this concerns.

  1. If you were me, what track or session topics would you include? 
  2. What are your pressing business and technology concerns?