Fujitsu To Distribute Caldera OpenLinux

Caldera Systems Inc. always has been on the hunt for major business customers.

Caldera Systems Inc. always has been on the hunt for major business customers. On Wednesday, it landed one.

Fujitsu Ltd, the $44.3 billion server and mainframe computing vendor, will be distributing OpenLinux 2.3 and future Caldera Linux versions, on its servers.

This is more than just yet another company adopting Linux on its servers. Fujitsu also has signed on for Caldera's educational and service offerings and is moving toward preloading OpenLinux on desktops, handhelds and other devices.

With this move, Caldera also is taking on the Japanese market. Historically, this market has belonged to rival Linux distributor TurboLinux. Indeed, according to Business Computer News, which tracks retail computer sales in Japan, TurboLinux Workstation J 4.0, actually outsold Microsoft's Windows 98 upgrade in Japan this summer.

Still, that hasn't stopped Fujitsu. Kanzunari Morimoto, general manager of Fujitsu's Software Business Promotion Group, says.

Linux For Business

"Unlike other Linux distributions, Caldera's focus has always been 'Linux for Business'--and that is our focus. In addition to welcoming Caldera to the Fujitsu business arena, we are looking forward to our joint collaboration in the creation and expansion of Linux business solutions throughout Japan and the world," Morimoto says.

Looking down the road, the Caldera/Fujitsu pair plan on moving OpenLinux to Fujitsu laptops, PCs, and PDAs. Eventually, this will mean OpenLinux made available on handheld devices like mobile phones.

The Fujitsu/Caldera team will work to provide a full range of support options for both their direct and channel partners. In practice, this will mean that Fujitsu will provide pre- and post-sale Internet server and appliance support, plus front-line technical support. Caldera, in its turn, will provide Linux training to Fujitsu's support group and act as third-tier support.