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Private ScreeningBesides your grandma, not many people get excited about picture frames. But that's about to change.

Private Screening

SonyFrameBesides your grandma, not many people get excited about picture frames. But that's about to change. Sony's new CyberFrame presents digital JPEG and MPEG images on its 5.5-inch color LCD screen. Just pop in a Memory Stick (available in flavors up to 16MB) and the CyberFrame is operational. You can set the CyberFrame to cycle through a slide show of digital photos or show short MPEG movies, complete with sound. Even cooler, you can turn the CyberFrame on and off with a wave of your hand. If you've got $899 to spare, the CyberFrame will lend your house an air of the future.

All in Your Head

iglasses Yeah, you've got a DVD drive in your notebook—but do you really want to watch The Sixth Sense on its puny 12-inch screen? Scare yourself silly on your next flight with a head-mounted display—the optical relative of headphones—from I-O Display Systems. Just 8 ounces, the $499 i-glasses include a 0.7-inch color LCD display for each eye with a resolution of 180,000 pixels apiece, plus stereo earphones. The impression is you're immersed in the action, watching images 13 feet away. Back at home, the i-glasses let you enjoy action games in larger-than-life proportions. And when you're ready for the next level, the i-glasses are 3D capable.

Backyard Drive-In

Popcorn? Check. Warm beer? Check. Annoying kids jumping in and out of cars? Adios, kids—not at this drive-in.

projectorThat's right, it's time to move beyond the digital living room. The $12,995 InFocus LS700 is the world's quietest, coolest LCD projector for home theater. It even features line-doubling technology from the folks at Faroudja. But why keep it inside? Set it up 18 feet from a wall outside and you'll get an image that's more than 10 feet wide. Hook it up to your notebook PC, get the loudest DVD movie you can find, and sit under the stars. Greasy nachos are optional, but we suggest parking your convertible in the backyard for that authentic open-air experience.