Garmin Enduro announced: Optimized for endurace with solar, long battery life, and training tools

Garmin has been adding solar charging capability to its devices and with the Enduro we see this capability in addition to 70 hours battery life in GPS mode. It's built for endurance athletes while providing training and recovery tools too.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Image: Garmin

Three of the latest Garmin devices I tested each had rated battery life in GPS tracking mode of about 30 hours and these were high end or solar-enhanced devices. The new Garmin Enduro provides at least double that battery life with 70 hours advertised and another 10 hours with solar charging, assuming three hours of wear in sunlight.

A battery life of this length isn't for your casual athlete that runs 30 minutes to an hour at a time while training or maybe up to four or five hours for a marathon race. The Garmin Enduro is designed for endurance athletes who run for many hours, or even days, in competition.

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Given the extreme distances covered by endurance athletes, both trail and road runners, your overall health and wellness is important. The Garmin Enduro helps you track your training workouts, food and liquid intake, sleep, stress, recovery, and much more. A new UltraFit lightweight nylon strap is provided to offer comfort for many hours of extended wear.

There are some unique features of this Garmin sport watch when compared to other Garmin watches, including a trail run VO2 Max measurement, ultrarun activity with rest timers that allow you to log your time spent at aid stations, and ClimbPro trail enhancements. All the expected Garmin functions are also included with a pulse oximeter, multi-mode GPS, and the excellent Garmin Connect smartphone application.

The Garmin Enduro is available in steel with gray band for $799.99  and in carbon gray bezel with black band for $899.99.

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