Garmin MARQ Performance Editions: Band and sensor options for luxury GPS tool watches

Garmin promotes their high end GPS sports watch MARQ line as smart tool watches and given their high end design and specific sport focus they clearly are tools for serious watch users.
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Garmin's MARQ collection is focused on providing serious watch customers with a tool focused on their particular activity. These activities include driving, golfing, sailing, flying, and more.

The new MARQ Performance Editions were announced for four of the eight MARQ devices. Performance Editions are available for the MARQ Driver, Aviator, Athlete, and Adventurer.

In three of the four new watch offerings, the price for the Performance Edition is less than the same MARQ watch. Some of the MARQ watches come with leather or metal bands while the Performance Editions shift to a silicone band offering. If you want to save some money and want a MARQ device, the Performance Edition options are compelling.

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The MARQ Athlete Performance Edition includes a new HRM-Pro heart rate chest strap and black silicone band. It is priced at $1,700. The MARQ Adventurer Performance Edition includes an orange silicone band with a tempe sensor that captures ambient temperature data for those out in the wild. It is priced at $1,600.

The Driver Performance Edition has a red silicone strap and is preloaded with over 250 race tracks. It is priced at $2,100. Lastly, the Aviator Performance Edition forgoes a metal strap for a black silicone strap with a price of $1,600.

Image: Garmin
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