Gateway to tap ALR server savvy

Gateway 2000 will "breathe new life" into ALR when it completes its purchase of the PC maker, the firm said today.

"We've stated clearly that we want to attack the enterprise business and this helps," said John Shepheard, UK general manager of Gateway. "It's just a timing issue but we will have Net PC and server products here. There's an opportunity because we're doing very nicely in large accounts but our customers are saying, 'I wish I could buy servers from you.'"

ALR has recently specialised in multiprocessor and other server development, winning plaudits for its technology.

Shepheard added that the possible integration of ALR's operations is yet to be decided; eight-year-old ALR UK currently operates out of offices in Newbury, Berks. "We've no intention of being a Pac-Man and munching up companies," he said.

ALR was unavailable for comment.

ALR can be contacted by telephone on 01635-521922. Gateway 2000 can be contacted by telephone on 0800-282000.