GE Digital announces industrial developer toolkit, Predix Kits

GE Digital expects to have more than 20,000 developers building on the Predix industrial IoT platform by the end of the year.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

GE Digital on Tuesday announced it will soon release Predix Developer Kits, the latest step designed to foster a developer community around Predix, its industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

The cloud-based software platform launched in 2015, and there are now nearly 12,000 developers building on it, according to GE. The company expects that number to grow to more than 20,000 by the end of the year.

The Predix Developer Kit should reduce the time it takes to on-ramp to the platform from hours to a matter of minutes. It comes configured with RasberryPi, Intel Edison, and GE Field Agent for industrial use cases. It's compatible with GE and non-GE assets and can utilize Predix Edge microservices. It also offers connectivity to Predix Time Series, Predix Asset, and UAA cloud microservices.

The toolkit will be made available to a select group of developers and partners in August and released to the broader developer community before the year is up. GE Digital also plans to eventually partner with other GE businesses and customers to build Industrial Kits for connecting various edge devices to the Predix platform. For instance, a Predix Safety Kit for the mining industry would allow companies to monitor oxygen levels and other variables in mines.

Last month, in another effort aimed at serving the Predix developer community, GE Digital opened the first of four "digital foundries".

The research firm Lux Research recently released a report concluding that Predix still has minimal market penetration but notable potential for growth. In its attempt to be a true software company, GE has recruited several major tech firms, including Huawei, Cisco, Intel, and Verizon, to support the Predix platform.

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