Get a 1-year Dropbox Plus subscription for $60

That's $40 off the regular price, and you get a $25 Dell gift card on top of it.
Written by Rick Broida, Contributor

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Dropbox may not have achieved the verb status of, say, a Google or a Skype -- no one says "I'll Dropbox that file to you" -- but the service is pretty much synonymous with SMB cloud storage.

Maybe that's why deals are rare. But there's a damn good one available today: Dell Small Business has a 1-year Dropbox Plus subscription for $59.99 when you apply promo code DBP25LDSDAY at checkout. Regular price: $99.

But, wait, there's more: Within 20 days of making your purchase, you'll receive a $25 Dell Promo eGift card, which you can apply toward any other Dell purchases. If there's something you were planning to buy anyway, that brings your net Dropbox Plus price down to $35.

You don't need me to explain Dropbox itself, but here's what you get as part of the Plus plan: 1TB of storage; support for offline folders on mobile devices; a remote device-wipe option in case of loss or theft; and priority support via email.

Already a Dropbox Plus subscriber? There's nothing here to indicate this is for new customers only, so you should be able to tack this onto your existing plan. However, it's worth checking with Dell customer service first just to be sure.

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