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Women offer an interesting viewpoint on mobile technology and there are several mobile enthusiast sites out there that post some excellent reviews, news, and thoughts. As the smartphone becomes more and more a part of our lives, it is valuable to have resources such as these site available to see what choices are out there that fit everyone's needs and desires.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Cell phone woman
At most of the tech events I have been to there has always been a significantly higher percentage of men than women. Based on personal observances, I think the percentage of women showing interest in tech and gadgets is increasing. I have three daughters and they love the gadgets I bring into the house to play with, but they also have a different perspective than I do that is quite interesting to hear. If you are a mobile gadget fan, and if you are reading this blog I assume you are, then I highly recommend you check out a few sites that are written primarily from the female perspective. These women are all members of the Mobius group and are regarded as experts in mobile technology.

Gear Diary: Judie Hughes used to write with Julie at The Gadgeteer, discussed below, and has now launched out on her own and started the Gear Diary blog. Check out the site for excellent detailed reviews and a newly added feature called Dear Gear Diary that answers common questions submitted by readers. This new feature is an excellent idea since many of us mobile enthusiasts get inundated with questions from readers that many people would benefit from and also help us from having to answer over and over again.

Girls Gone Mobile: Jenneth Orantia can be found writing about mobile tech down under with her new Girls Gone Mobile site. Jenneth has worked as a journalist for different magazines and is the Editor of the Roam magazine. She will be performing more freelance writing with publications such as APC, Good Gear Guide and PC World Australia. She occasionally moonlights as a product reviewer for the Sydney Morning Herald's technology section. Jenneth also puts together some amazing product reviews that are posted on Girls Gone Mobile.

MobileTechReview: Lisa Gade runs a site I visit before purchasing a new mobile device because she and her staff, including fellow Mobius member Tong Zhang, produce some of the most detailed and technical reviews on the internet. You should also check out the MobileTechReview site before picking up your next smartphone, PDA, notebook, game (PSP, DS, mobile phone), or accessory and read their honest opinion.

Shiny Shiny: A new addition to the Mobius group this year was Susi Weaser from Shiny Shiny; A girls guide to gadgets. Shiny Shiny is based in the UK and posts lots of content on all sorts of gadgets, not just mobile devices. I think my daughters will be hooked on this website as it tends to focus on things with some bling.

The Gadgeteer: One of the original female gadget sites, started in 1997, is run by Julie Strietelmeier and is known as The Gadgeteer. Julie posts thoughts and reviews on all sorts of gadgets, including mobile devices, and is an excellent resource for people looking to find cool and obscure gadgets.

PocketGoddess: Jen Edwards is the founder and editor-in-chief of the PocketGoddess website and writes regular features for Computer Power User and Palmtop User. She wrote for Brighthand and Geek.com in the past as well. She is also a moderator of several YahooGroups and a freelance writer. Jen primarily focused on the Palm OS world in the past, but is a recent convert to Windows Mobile and also covers other types of mobile tech, including the Apple iPod and portable gaming.

Although not a member of the Mobius group, one other website that primarily focuses on the Symbian world from the female viewpoint is Darla Mack's blog. All these women have excellent websites and offer a refreshing female perspective on mobile technology. I encourage everyone to check out the sites and share them with your friends and coworkers.

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