Get a Lenovo IdeaPad 710S Plus Touch for $700

This powerful biz-savvy portable normally sells for over $1,200. And use this hack to shave another $56 off!

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What's the ideal for the average businessperson? I consider myself pretty average, so I'll tell you what I consider :

  • A Core i5-or-better processor
  • 8GB of
  • A solid-state -- traditional have no business in modern portables
  • A 13.3-inch display -- any larger and you can forget working in a coach seat
  • A backlit -- because sometimes you need to work under dim lighting
  • A -- because it's 2017, and a password to unlock your laptop is tapping a password to unlock your phone: puh-leeze
  • A weight of under 3 pounds

Those are pretty basic specs, yet good luck finding a system like that for under $1,000 -- let alone under $700.

Take, for example, the 710S Plus Touch. It ticks all those boxes (along with a few others), but lists for $1,260. The Store sells it for $1,249, while Newegg charges $1,055 -- though both those SKUs include a Core i7.

I like this configuration better, especially considering the price: For a limited time, has the IdeaPad 710S Plus Touch laptop for $699.99 shipped when you apply code BFINOCT9 at checkout.

Pro : Ever use Ebates? Now might be the time to start, because the cashback service is offering an 8-percent rebate on Lenovo purchases. That would bring your effective price down to $644!

First first: ignore two of the user reviews. appears to be for a completely different product (and different brand!), while the other is from someone who apparently thinks you get tech support by e-mailing a salesperson.

As for pro-level reviews, ZDNet hasn't covered the 710S Plus Touch, but do a little searching and you'll the laptop earned four-star ratings pretty much across the board on other sites. The main : battery life, which appears to be just average. (A semi-related ding: It charges via an AC port, even though it has a USB-C port.)

Worth noting: This SKU includes a . (The aforementioned Newegg doesn't.) That's an awesome perk for some users; no big deal for others. Personally, I see little value in it; I use mine almost never. Curious to hear your thoughts.

In the meantime, if you've been looking for a thin, , reasonably powerful laptop that doesn't require a lot of begging and pleading with the Accounts Payable department, this is definitely worth a look.