Good job with iPhone 4, but the Sprint HTC EVO 4G is staying

Apple announced the iPhone 4 today with some great new features, but there was nothing compelling enough for me to return my Sprint HTC EVO 4G. Are you planning to pick up a new iPhone 4?

Jason posted his WWDC iPhone 4 checklist today and now that we know all about the iPhone 4 I would have to say this checklist shows exactly why I am planning to skip this version of the iPhone and stick with my new Sprint HTC EVO 4G device. The HTC EVO 4G has everything on Jason's list and more already up and running. It looks like the pace of Google has brought Android into the lead with Apple for innovation and excitement in the mobile space.

Looking at Jason's list I would have to say that the most appealing features in the HTC EVO 4G over the iPhone 4 are the no limit multi-tasking, OTA updates, free navigation, Google Voice support, and WiFi mobile hotspot functionality. I would also add that Google leads the iPhone OS in the notifications system, multiple carrier support, customizable home screens, and removable battery. I do think Apple has a great OS though and think the long reported battery life, incredible display technology, better capacitive QWERTY keyboard performance, and better gaming support (6 axis motion looks slick) are compelling features of the new iPhone. As with any mobile phone, it is a personal preference that each of us has to make since one device doesn't fit everyone's needs and desires. I plan to stick with the HTC EVO 4G and cancel my Verizon Palm Pre Plus service soon.

Apple is really pushing their iAds support and while the ads do look slick and are very appealing for sellers, I am quite leery of paying big bucks for a device and service and then having ads all over my smartphone.

I thought their Face Time app and functionality was a bit lame though with support only for iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 devices both connected over WiFi. With Fring you can call from your Android or Symbian phone to or from a regular computer running Skype and make these calls over the cellular or WiFi networks.

The iPhone will continue to do well, but to really hit it out of the ballpark I still think Apple needs to roll out the iPhone on other carriers in the US. Maybe we will see this in 2011 or 2012 when my Sprint contract with the EVO 4G runs out.