Google Archive Search

The first thing I thought of when I saw domains like (registered Friday) was the WayBackMachine.

The first thing I thought of when I saw domains like (registered Friday) was the WayBackMachine.  If my gut instinct is correct, it won't be long before Google launches a similar service that lets us peer into the history of the web.

How much information does Google remember about page changes though?  We know they keep at least one cached copy, but is it possible that every time the cache is updated, the old version is filed away somewhere safe?

Here is the list of domains Google registered yesterday:

If I am on the wrong track with the web archive, another possibility for a service named "Google Archive Search" would be one where you could search for historic articles from things like newspapers and magazines.  Also don't forget the deal that was made with the Associated Press -- it could have something to do with these domains also.

You might know that most public libraries offer free databases that do this very thing -- for example, full text articles from the 1800's in the New York Times can be downloaded free of charge using a licensed database.

What do you think?  Is Google going to provide a "cool" service that lets you see the history of the web, or will it be a service that lets you search through historic publications?  Or, if you think it could be something else, let me know.



Gary Price of Resource Shelf has some commentary on these new domains as well.