Google Chrome OS announcement

Highlights from the Google Chrome OS announcement today.

Highlights from the Google Chrome OS announcement today.

  • No launch, beta or devices today (contrary to what was being reported on some outlets)
  • Chrome OS a year away
  • Project goes fully open-sourced today
  • Just over a year since Chrome browser launch - 40 million regular users
  • 39x faster JavaScript compared to IE8
  • Over past year, Chrome browser updated 19 times
  • Chrome browser for Mac and Linux coming, as are extensions
  • Google want Chrome OS to access GPU, have better access to system resources
  • Perfect storm of converging trends - Netbook growth, cloud, laptop and netbook becoming more like phones, phones becoming smarter, overall increase in mobility
  • Google Chrome OS focuses on three things - Speed ("fast like a TV"), Simplicity, Security
  • On Chrome OS, every app is a web app, simple to use, easy to maintain
  • All data on Chrome OS is in the cloud
  • "If I lose my Chrome OS machine, I should be able to go out and buy another and be up and running in minutes ..." No local data
  • Cold reboot demo - to logon screen in 7 sec, full OS in another 3 sec
  • Chrome OS looks like Chrome browser
  • Applications can be pinned as favorite applications "tabs"
  • All data stored in the cloud in Google Docs
  • Streaming music from YouTube
  • Google OS make good entertainment platform
  • Reading ebooks
  • Microsoft has been working on a killer app for Chrome OS ... Office Web App ;)
  • "Want computers to be delightful and work"
  • Looking through USB flash drive:
  • All Chrome OS storage based on solid state drives
  • Speed improvements based on following changed:
  • Verified boot to improve security:
  • Reboot to recover - reimaging on the fly:
  • Security for an Internet age
  • User data on machine is always encrypted and always synced to the cloud - local data is just a cache
  • "Not another OS, but choice for users"
  • Google working with OEMs to come up with reference hardware (SSDs, WiFi cards ... etc ...)
  • Target time frame - end of 2010, for Holiday market
  • Google want larger netbooks with larger keyboards, touchpads etc
  • Chrome OS not downloadable - will have to buy a Chrome OS device ... hmmm
  • Developers can get Chrome OS running on a netbook today - "You need a screwdriver"
  • Flash works, YouTube works ...
  • Here's a video for you:
  • Expect to have prices in the price range people are used to today ...
  • Google Chrome OS device will be a web-based "companion" device
  • There will be some things the device will not do
  • Everything that works in Chrome browser, works in Chrome OS (codecs etc)
  • "A lot of what you see in Chrome OS will make its way into Chrome"
  • Initially focused on netbook form-factor devices, in future could run on laptops and desktops
  • Will Chrome OS run on non-Intel (x86) platforms such as ARM? - Yes
  • Printers - "We're taking an innovative approach, more next year. Yes, Chrome OS will print"

The announcement is now winding down (Q&A) so a few personal thoughts:

  • Chrome OS sounds interesting but the device reference platform means that unless hardware vendors unify netbook platforms, it's not a real competitor for Microsoft/Apple
  • Chrome OS is definitly aimed at people who are deeply rooted in Google web apps ...
  • I like the security model, and the cloud-based data and settings system is a nice idea, especially for people who lose/break devices regularly
  • Biggest hurdle I see - connectivity, and how the device will work when not hooked to the web



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