Google Cloud taps new Intel memory module for SAP HANA workloads

Google and SAP are building on their year-long partnership with support for Intel's upcoming Optane DC persistent memory.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Google on Monday announced it's beefing up support for SAP HANA and other workloads on the Google Cloud Platform with Intel's upcoming Optane DC Persistent Memory.

Unveiled earlier this year, Intel says its Optane DC persistent memory modules offer an entirely new class of memory and storage technology. Based on Intel's 3D XPoint technology instead of DRAM, the modules will help accelerate in-memory databases in the data center by moving more of the workload closer to the processor.

Once Intel delivers these modules later this year, Google will offer VM instances for SAP HANA workloads featuring the new memory. The VMs will be powered by Intel's future Cascade Lake Xeon Scalable processors. They should offer higher overall memory capacity with lower costs compared to instances that rely only on DRAM.

"Our customers' use of in-memory workloads with SAP HANA for innovative data management use cases is driving the demand for even larger memory capacity," Google's Nan Boden and Parthasarathy Ranganathan wrote in a blog post. "We're constantly pushing the boundaries on GCP's instance sizes and exploring increasingly cost-effective ways to run SAP workloads on GCP."

SAP and Google have been partners for more than a year, helping each other appeal to enterprise customers in the cloud market. Monday's announcement comes on the eve of Google Next, Google's annual cloud conference.

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