Google flaunts new Hangout start button to businesses

Google has tapped Zendesk and another of other rising stars in the cloud to make Hangouts as ubiquitous as possible.

Continuing to trail blaze the path toward good-enough video conferencing , Google is making access to its video conferencing service Hangouts even more prevalent.

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The Internet giant has introduced a new, embeddable Hangout start button intended to attract more businesses and developers to the cloud-based service.

Maintaining an easy-as-possible approach that doesn't require IT configuration beyond some coding instructions, the feature is touted to be ready for integration on any app or website.

Google is launching the Hangouts with a number of smaller but quickly rising players in enterprise software, including Zendesk, Zoho, and Smartsheet, among others.

Stephen Cho, head of Google Apps and Hangouts Technology Partnerships, described in a blog post on Tuesday morning how embedding the Hangouts button within these customer service and collaboration platforms could boost returns in the long run.

Whether you’re a sales rep working in a CRM app or an engineer in a project management tool, it only takes one click to launch a Hangout and your team will automatically be invited. You can even improve customer service with the ability to quickly launch into a video Hangout with a client to resolve an issue.

For a closer look at how Google Hangouts can be launched from within via collaboration platform Esna, check out the promo clip below: