Google Gears: NOT ready for prime time

Google Gears is not a defacto anything. Will it be though?

Google Gears is not a defacto anything. Will it be though?

Once again, a strategic Google move with an end-game to bolster Google's own fortunes is being lauded as a game changing Google gift.

How benevolent really is Google though?

The number one Internet company with ambitions to outseat the number one software company could have very well demonstrated that Google Gears is not all about Google applications by NOT using a Google product as its signature implementation: Google Reader!

Contrary to popular perception, Google engineers have NOT enabled what "Internet surfers for years have yearned for," Web applications that work offline.

What has Google done to kick-off its day-long promotion of software developers that create products that drive more revenues to Google?

Google Gears, a browser plug-in that will let people run Web applications when they're connected to the Internet or not. The company released the source code for the Google Gears software.

Really? And what are the tens of millions of civilan computer users to do with it? Nothing!

The initial code is aimed at JavaScript developers who write Ajax-style Web applications.

Not to fear though, Google is on the real-world ball, so says Google:

Google expects to have a consumer-ready release of Google Gears, which will be under 1 megabyte in size, "within months."

Time will tell, or not.

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