Google soliciting invites for real time API for Analytics in beta

Potential use cases include a custom dashboard and displaying results on conversion pages to demonstrate demand for a given product.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor on

Google Analytics is gearing up to roll out a Real Time API, intended to enable queries resulting in virtually immediate data for faster business decisions.

According to a blog post by the "Real Time" team within the Google Analytics unit, the API should be able to be put to work right away for managing website content:

For example, you can query the API for the top visited URLs to construct a top trending content widget with the number of active readers. A site can also use what I call the “web counter 2.0”, meaning to display the active visitor count in real-time. Seeing the number of visitors also viewing a piece of content has a number of subtle effects such as creating a sense of community and credibility.

Other suggested uses include a custom dashboard for monitoring metrics and displaying results on conversion pages to demonstrate demand for a given product.

But don't get excited too quickly.

For starters, the API is being debuted in beta mode first. And really before that, it's on an invite-only basis.

However, there is good news. Interested marketers and developers can apply for invitations to try out the API in beta now.

All one has to do is fill out a form with some basic work-related contact information along with the APIs Console Project Number that will be whitelisted for access and a short description about how the API will be put to use.

Google will be registering and whitelisting applicants over the next few weeks.

Image via The Google Analytics Blog

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