Google sweet talks its way to political power

WELCOME TO THE GOOGLE CANDY BAR!Alright everybody gather 'roundThe Candy Man is hereWhat kind of candy do you wantSweet choc'lateChoc'late malted candyGum dropsAnything you wantYou've come to the right man'Cause I'm the Candy ManSammy Davis Jr.


Alright everybody gather 'round The Candy Man is here What kind of candy do you want Sweet choc'late Choc'late malted candy Gum drops Anything you want You've come to the right man 'Cause I'm the Candy Man

Sammy Davis Jr., sang it, Personal Democracy "Sponsored by Google" lived it.

Yesterday's Google funded "Technology is Changing Politics" conference extravaganza was a masterful Google PR cum Business Development stroke, undoubtedly had by Google for a very reasonable price.

The "wild, wild west" MySpace sprung for evening wrap-up cocktails; "All is good" Google paid for the right to make all of the "Personal Democracy" world "taste good."

Oh, who can take tomorrow (who can take tomorrow) Dip it in a dream (dip it in a dream) Separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream The Candy Man (the Candy Man) Oh, the Candy Man can (the Candy Man can) The Candy Man can 'Cause he mixes it with love And makes the world taste good (Makes the world taste good)

What is the new Googley candy man really pushing though?

Bowls and bowls of gooey, floursecent colored sweetness were laid out, tempting attendees with an irrestible Google funded sugar fix between each "Personal Democracy" session. (Halloween style make-your-own Google candy bags for the road were an added bonus.)

What was the route to the good tasting Google world? NOT follow the yellow brick road for no place like home, but jump over the Google primary color rug spheres for no place like Google.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt headlined the Forum his company sponsored.

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Google even accorded Google "Scholarships" to a few dozen political Web enthusiasts, waiving the conference fee to promote "participation."

Is Google dolling out political treats though, or is a new Googley brand of political tricks on the horizon.

Google flexes political muscle in presidential campaign 2008 and Google, YouTube target $80 million political ad spend, already.

Google is not only the "gateway to the Internet," it aims to be the virtual Universe.

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Schmidt is well aware of the power his company wields. What impact does Google have on the world?

"I don't know that the Internet is more important than health care, but it almost is," people need access to the (Google) Internet, for access to the modern world, Schmidt said.

Speaking of health care, Schmidt spoke in depth about it recently at the Googleplex, Google's version of it that is, in a tete a tete with perhaps the next president of the United States, Hillary Clinton.

The result? Between Schmidt's charm and Googlers' money, Hillary for President is also Hillary for Google branded Personal Health Records.

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What else IS next in the all is good Google world?

Sergey Brin proudly underscores to Wall Street that there is no obvious ceiling to Google monetization. There is obviously no ceiling to Google's ambition for power, as well.

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