Google targets GPS-based in-car personalized advertising

Google vision for radio advertising.


Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, believes that when he is listening to the radio in his car, radio ads should personally address him about his needs. For example, while driving past a clothing store, a radio ad should remind Eric that he needs a pair of pants and instruct him to turn left at the upcoming clothing store.

Schmidt shared his vision for GPS location-based delivery of highly targeted and personalized advertising via in-car radios at a luncheon with a group of publishing executives in New York City yesterday. While Schmidt predicted a realization of his vision within the next one to two years, he did not share his vision for how the Google owned dMarc Broadcasting, a "digital solutions provider for the radio broadcast industry," would enable such digital ad delivery via car radios. Google acquired dMarc in January to bring "radio advertising to Google AdWords advertisers."

According to dMarc:

Google plans to extend targeted, measurable advertising to the broadcast space. In fact, even as you read this, our engineers and executives are working to seamlessly integrate dMarc’s technologies and operations to offer AdWords advertisers a broad suite of digital broadcast options.