Google TV getting a push at Google I/O

If done right, Google TV with its web browser, search engine, and apps, could be a game changer in the living room.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

With Google dedicating some track time to its Google TV product at its upcoming Google I/O conference, I have to assume that the company will showcase a new version of Google TV, though maybe not have it ready.

Sony, Vizio, and others have either announced or are set to announce their latest versions of the Google TV hardware, so why not showcase some software that could be coming soon, too? After all, there are specific tracks at the conference around Google TV, including one that will show developers how to get their content on the platform.

Sirius XM is also showing Google TV some love, according to reuters, by making all of its programming, and even some new channels available via the company's platform.

Google TV definitely needs help. Many content providers, including networks, are still blocking their content. Hopefully Google is planning on announcing some new content partnerships to really give the platform the boost that it needs.

I love the concept of the Google TV appliance, and even though the previous hardware and software weren't ready for prime time, the ability to use a search engine to pull up shows, is something that most cable company-supplied boxes are still struggling with. That and the browser on your TV, if done right, could be a game changer in the living room.

We'll know later today and tomorrow what Google has in store for its developers, and soon the rest of the world.

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