Google updates BlackBerry apps tool

The new version of the tool makes it possible to support Apps access on up to 500 BlackBerrys from a single BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Google has updated its tool for plugging Google Apps accounts into the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, making it possible to support more devices from each server.

Version 1.5 of the Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server was announced on Tuesday. The new Connector also makes it possible for small businesses that use BlackBerry Professional Software — designed to manage up to 30 of RIM's smartphones — to plug into Google's email, calendar and contacts apps.

The first version of the connector, released in August, was able to support about 200 handsets per server. The new version can support up to 500.

The revised connector also allows the support of users across multiple companies from one BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). According to a blog post from Google engineers Zhengping Zuo and Darrell Kuhn, this feature will enable "low-cost hosting services to be offered by hosting partners".