Google Wave gets Apache lift

The once deceased Google Wave now has a new home within the Apache Incubator project.
Written by Luke Hopewell, Contributor

The once deceased Google Wave now has a new home within the Apache Incubator project.

Applications spend time in the Apache Incubator before becoming a part of the open-source Apache Software Foundation's catalogue.

After it was laid to rest by Google in August, the search giant announced that it would share the Wave code base — over 200,000 lines in total — in the hopes of creating "Wave in a Box".

Google then held a summit to bring together open-source developers to contribute to Wave in a Box.

"During the summit, it became quite clear that there is a healthy community of start-ups, independent developers and industry partners enthusiastic to continue development of the Wave Federation protocols and Wave in a Box product," Google said.

At the summit a draft proposal to enter the product into the Incubator program was submitted to Apache.

Google announced Wave's admission into the incubator program today on its Developer blog.

"Last week, that proposal was accepted, and we're spinning up the project infrastructure so that the community can continue to grow in the Apache way," the company said.

"The creation of Apache Wave will serve to accelerate the growth of the existing community with strong open-source processes. If you'd like to get involved, please join the Apache Wave mailing list (send an email to wave-dev-subscribe@incubator.apache.org). We're looking forward to working with you," the company added.

Google killed off the stand-alone version of the Aussie-developed Wave product after a year of lacklustre take-up and confusion over what it could have been used for in the first place.

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