Google Wifi now available in Singapore via StarHub

Google's mesh networking product is sold exclusively by the Singapore telco at S$15 per month for a two-year service contract, marking the first time it is available in Southeast Asia.

Google has launched its mesh networking system in Singapore via an exclusive distribution agreement with local telco StarHub, marking the first time the product is available in Southeast Asia.

A three-pack Google Wifi bundle could be purchased at S$15 per month when StarHub customers signed up or renewed a two-year service contract for the telco's broadband or all-in-one plans.

The networking product was first launched in North America in end-2016, before making its way to the UK, Germany, and France. Home mesh Wi-Fi systems were touted to address problems with dead zones that traditional routers were unable to fix.

Google Wifi systems could be set up and managed via a mobile app, available on Android and Apple iOS, enabling users to monitor devices connected to their home network and bandwidth they were consuming. They also would be able to assign "priority devices" so these would be allocated more bandwidth when necessary, such as video streaming.

In addition, Google said its Network Assist feature would automatically switch devices to the nearest Wifi system to maintain the most optimal connection.

StarHub CMO Howie Lau said: "Mesh networking is quickly becoming popular and we are thrilled to be Google's exclusive local partner for Google Wifi."

The two partners, however, did not say how long this exclusivity would run or whether other resellers would be added in future.