Google Yellow Pages? Google SERPs map enhanced local directory listings

Is Google planning the "World's Yellow Pages"?

Is Google planning the "World's Yellow Pages"?

Google Search Results Pages (SERPs) are returning prominent, enhanced, top-of-the-page “Yellow Pages Style” listings for individual business lookups.

The Google “Yellow Pages Style” top-of-the-page enhanced listings feature:

  • Large interactive map (3.5” x 1.5”) with business location indicated
  • Business name
  • Trackable business Website URL link
  • Complete business address
  • Business telephone number
  • Business “Star” ratings
  • Link to reviews of business
  • Link to directions to business
  • Link to “more local results”

The content featured in Google “Yellow Pages Style” top-of-the page listings suggests Google is targeting future listings enhancements to further monetize and leverage Google SERPs.

Google has integrated Google Checkout with AdWords. The Google "Yellow Pages Style" top-of-the-page enhanced listings also present many opportunities for Google to solicit more money from its current advertisers, as well as attract new advertisers.

Here are my revenue-generating suggestions for "Google Yellow Pages":

  • Business telephone number: Pay-Per-Call or Click-To-Call
  • Business name: Video advertisement showcasing business
  • Business Website URL: Google Checkout for online purchase
  • Business Rating/Reviews: Click for Reservation
  • Directions to Business: Click for Car Service

The Google “Yellow Pages Style” enhanced, top-of-the-page listings are returned for individual business lookups, such as a specific restaurant, and location-specific business searches, such as a search for restaurants in a specific city.

The Google “Yellow Pages Style” enhanced, top-of-the page listings may ultimately supplant Google’s "Local results for" feature:


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