Google's Q1: $11.01B in adjusted revenue, $11.58 earnings per share

CEO Larry Page kept things very brief (and rounded upward) in prepared remarks.


It was a big day for Silicon Valley on Wall Street as IBM, AMD, Microsoft and Google all turned in quarterly earnings reports after the bell on Thursday.

Let's take a look at how the Mountain View, Calif. corporation did.

The Internet giant reported first quarter earnings of $3.35 billion, or $9.94 cents a share (statement). Non-GAAP earnings were $11.58 a share on a consolidated revenue of $13.97 billion. Traffic acquisition costs (TAC) totaled $2.96 billion.

That's up by approximately 31 percent annually. The adjusted revenue is then $11.01 billion.

Wall Street expected Google to report Q1 earnings of $10.66 a share on revenue of $14.23 billion (including TAC).

A bit of a wobbly landing, but Google shares were initally up by 2.8 percent in after hours trading.


CEO Larry Page kept things very brief (and rounded upward) in prepared remarks:

We had a very strong start to 2013, with $14.0 billion in revenue, up 31% year-on-year. We are working hard and investing in our products that aim to improve billions of people's lives all around the world.

There will be plenty more talk about the financials and some big products on the way for Google during this afternoon's quarterly conference call.

Expect questions about Google Glass, Google I/O in San Francisco next month, and the future of the Android unit following the recent departure of Andy Rubin.


Until then, here are some of the other big numbers from Google's Q1:

  • Q1 revenue from outside of the United States totaled $7.1 billion, representing 55 percent of total Google revenue during the first quarter, a sliver of an increase from 54 percent at the end of Q4 2012.
  • The Motorola unit turned in revenue of $1.02 billion, accounting seven percent of Google's consolidated¬† revenue.
  • But Motorola also reported a GAAP operating loss of $271 million, down 27 percent.
  • Worldwide, Google employed 53,891 full-time employees (38,739 at Google and 9,982 from Motorola Mobile and 5,170 in Motorola Home) as of March 31. That's slightly up from 53,861 full-time employees as of December 31, 2012.

Slides via Google Investor Relations