Great first run by Amazon with its Appstore for Android

After 10 minutes of using it I have no desire to go back to the Google App Market

By now you've either read about or personally experienced the Amazon Appstore for Android. Well, today was my first try and I have to say that after just 10 minutes of using it, I'm definitely impressed.

First off, you go to the main page and you are immediately greeted with the "free app of the day". Not only that but it's super easy to download it. If you have an account already, you can easily add your purchase (or free app) to your account and then launch the Amazon Appstore on your Android device and start downloading. Gone is the need to scan a QR code with your phone. Instead, just click from the comfort of your computer or your phone and start enjoying Android apps. In my test I clicked "Get now with 1-Click" and was told that I now "owned it" and it was available on my Android device via the Appstore for Android. I then launched the Appstore on my HTC EVO and sure enough, it was waiting for me to click "install".

Another nice feature is the ability to "Test Drive Now". Clicking on this button from your web browser launches an Android simulator that lets you interact with the game in realtime, as if it were on your device. So far there are only 20 apps available that you can "Test Drive Now", but you can bet that Amazon will be adding to that catalog, especially for higher-priced apps.

I'm a huge user of already, so you can bet that this beautiful integration into its ecosystem is sure to force me and many others to start downloading more Android apps.

Have you tried out the Amazon Appstore experience? If so, share your thoughts below.