Grove praises British e-commerce potential

Former Intel bigwig says all Britain needs is Blair.

Former Intel chief Andy Grove expressed his admiration for Prime Minister Tony Blair and his enthusiasm for Britain's e-commerce potential at a briefing Tuesday morning in London's Four Seasons Hotel.

Speaking before the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), Grove focussed on how European businesses can win in the Internet economy. In a move away from tradition, Grove did not issue any warnings or any wake-up calls to Euro-biz, saying that "once people like Tony Blair take up the challenge, progress will be made."

Mr Blair gave a rallying speech to British Internet business last week for the launch of a government report on the state of e-business in the UK. (See "Tony Blair warns Britain's business".)

As a closing note Grove told CBI delegates that "Europeans can do it" and offered them a three-phase success strategy for e-commerce, with Intel supplying what he termed "the innards" of Internet access devices.