Guess who's going to be real important in 2010?

Heads of EPA and Energy Department step to the fore in 2010.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

"Newsweek" still puts ink on paper, but their website is where you can look to see how they predict next year's top ten movers and shakers. At the #2 slot in their top ten list: the current heads of the EPA and Energy Department. As I've blogged here for months, the EPA's pending controls on greenhouse gas emissions by major American industries is going to be monumental in scope, in lawsuits, and in political back-biting. I pick "emissions" as the most over-used word you will be sick of in 2010.

So the greenhouse duo was beaten out only by the Afghan War. 2010 will see the GW War, and the lobbyists full employment act...as if they needed one.

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