Hackers set for New Year attacks

Crackers will soon be back to infiltrating military compounds and defacing Web sites, says an expert

Malicious computer hackers and virus-writers may have been kind enough to take it easy over the New Year, but they'll be up to their old tricks as soon as they get over their hangovers, according to head of software firm Finjan.

Bill Lyons, CEO of the anti-virus and computer security firm, says that malevolent hackers are much like normal people and, as soon as they get over millennium festivities, it'll be back to the daily task of trying to infiltrate military compounds and deface Web sites.

"Hackers are people too," he says. "They went around partying over the New Year but soon they'll get back to business."

Lyons also predicts for the coming year an increasing in the number of viral computer attacks that do not require a high level of expertise. "We're going to see a lot of school kids just putting viruses into a compressor. There are a dozen compressors on the Internet that change a virus' signature. You can go into a cyber cafe and send a corporation thousands of viruses."

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