Hackers to teach British firms about security

Hackers and IT managers do not normally mix but in a twist to the relationship between the two rival camps, a new computer security firm which see hackers as the teachers and IT workers as the pupils.

Swedish security firm Defcom launches UK tutorials for IT professionals by professional hackers at this year's Infosec conference at London's Olympia.

The firm claims that the best way to teach IT professionals about computer security is to enlist the help of those on the other side of the fence. Alongside these courses, Defcom will offer more conventional security systems testing and consultation services.

Key account manager for Defcom UK, Todd Tornqvist claims "strong links" with prominent US hacking groups and says that experts from these organisations can offer invaluable insight for IT managers into how potential adversaries might think.

"As shown by the recent spate of hacker attacks, it is evident that there is an urgent need for tighter security within organisations," says managing director of Defcom UK Mathias Elvang. "With the UK's role as European financial centre becoming increasingly concrete, we see a real need for us to work in partnership with the key financial organisations here to ensure network security."

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