Hadoop is ready for the enterprise, says Apache

The Apache Software Foundation has pushed out version 1.0 of the big data-crunching software framework

The Apache Software Foundation has released the first production version of Hadoop, the scalable, distributed computing software framework.

Hadoop connects thousands of servers to process big data for cloud computing and other applications. It has been an Apache project for the last six years. Version 1.0, which is the first to be classed as enterprise-ready, was released at the end of December but only formally announced on Wednesday.

"This release is the culmination of a lot of hard work and co-operation from a vibrant Apache community group of dedicated software developers and committers that has brought new levels of stability and production expertise to the Hadoop project," Apache Hadoop vice president Arun Murthy said in a statement.

The foundation said Hadoop had now "achieved the level of stability and enterprise-readiness to earn the 1.0 designation".

Apache Hadoop is already employed by many companies including Microsoft, EMC, Google, Amazon, IBM, Yahoo and Facebook, who have been instrumental in helping to develop and test the software prior to its release as fit for general consumption.

Murthy said the open-source Hadoop, which is distributed under the Apache Licence v2.0, was "becoming the de facto data platform that enables organisations to store, process and query vast torrents of data", adding that the new release "represents an important step forward in performance, stability and security".

This release is the culmination of a lot of hard work and co-operation from a vibrant Apache community group of dedicated software developers.

– Arun Murthy, Apache Hadoop

Although the purpose of releasing a finalised production version of Hadoop is mostly to signal its general availability, version v1.0 also includes many bug fixes. It also notably allows write access to the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) over HTTP, whereas the previous version of the 'webhdfs' file system was read-only.

Yahoo is a major contributor to and user of Hadoop, having spun off its Hadoop development team into an independent company called Hortonworks last year.

"Achieving the 1.0 release status is a momentous achievement from the Apache Hadoop community and the result of hard development work and shared learnings over the years," Yahoo cloud chief Jay Rossiter said. "Apache Hadoop will continue to be an important area of investment for Yahoo. Today Hadoop powers every click at Yahoo."

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