Helix Gaming Grip for iPhone shows up at Best Buy for $20

Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a great gaming machine with this $20 Gaming Grip
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor on

I have to admit that I do a fair bit of gaming on the iPhone. The majority of the time the experience is superb, but sometimes when I play a racing game or something that requires a bit more control, the iPhone can slip a bit and cause me to lose control of my game. Companies have been offering different types of grips for the PSP and even the iPhone in the past, but you usually need to order them online.

Thanks to the folks at GearDiary, my iPhone gaming experience may soon be improved. According to their post, PosiMotion has announced that its Helix Gaming Grip for iPhone and iPod touch is available at Best Buy. If you're not familiar with the gaming grip, it pretty much does exactly what its name suggests. The finer points are that it works with the iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod touch 2nd and 3rd generation. The grip itself can work in both portrait and landscape and includes "simple wire management", though I'd like to put that claim to the test.


I looked through a fair amount of the material on the Gaming Grip and couldn't find out if it collapses or if it's always in the full fold-out mode. From the video below it appears that it's always fully expanded, which makes it not ideal for travel. In that case, I would expect it to cost less since there's not much to plastic molding these days.

I don't normally highlight a $20 accessory, but this one in particular enhances your iPhone or iPod touch's gameplay, and can now be viewed at Best Buy before you put down your hard earned $20.

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