How do you say closed in Finnish? Nokia shuts down yet another service

Nokia's high end smartphone sales have been on a steady decline and it doesn't help their standing when they keep down shutting services they actively promote and bring customers into, but they are doing it yet again.
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My fellow ZDNet blogger Zack sent me the email he received from Nokia (I have yet to receive it myself) informing him that the Ovi Files service is shutting down on 1 October. Ovi Files gave you a limited amount of server space (10GB for free) to share and store photos, documents, music, and files from your PC, Mac or Nokia device to and from the cloud. I used it a bit, but prefer to use clients like Dropbox that are more universal. As a person who likes using Nokia device, it is very frustrating that Nokia buys or creates services and then shuts them down on what seems to be a regular basis (for example Nokia Messaging for Social, N-Gage gaming service, Nokia Backup, and Mosh) It is very tough to make a committment to a service when you are not sure how long it will be up and running and I am getting tired of hearing this from Nokia.

Here is the email Ovi Files users are receiving and as you can see there should be no danger of losing anything up in the cloud.

Dear Ovi Files user, Nokia is discontinuing the Ovi Files service, effective October 1, 2010. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please make sure to uninstall the Ovi Files Connector installed on your personal computer. To do this, execute the standard Windows or Macintosh uninstall procedure that came with your computer. You will not lose any files as a result of this service discontinuation. Ovi Files simply creates an 'online mirror' of the files saved on your Windows PC or Mac, so your original files will remain intact. The files on your computer are always treated as the master version, even if some are selected as 'Anytime Files.'

You will still be able to share content between your phone and PC using another Nokia product, Nokia Ovi Suite. With Nokia Ovi Suite installed on your PC, you can do the following: sync your contacts and messages; transfer videos, photos, and music; back up your Nokia and update your device software. Please note that this is not a direct substitute for Ovi Files as Nokia Ovi Suite requires a wired connection between your PC and mobile device. For more information visit www.ovi.com/suite.

Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience and hope that you will continue to enjoy our most popular services.

The one service I hope we can count on being around for years is Ovi Maps, but with Nokia you never can tell, can you?

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