How Microsoft's browser lock-out backfired

MSN's lock-out of people using Netscape and Opera browsers has badly backfired. Find out how it all went wrong for Microsoft

Rival browsers benefit from MSN gaffe
Thurs 1 November: Opera and Netscape are reaping the benefits as consumers turn away from Internet Explorer after Microsoft's lock-out fiasco Microsoft belatedly opens access to MSN
Tues 30 October: Non-Microsoft browsers are given access to after several days of being locked out MSN browser lockout fuels antitrust cry
Mon 29 October: A trade group has taken up the cause of Mozilla and Opera browser users who have been shut out of MSN by asking state and federal trustbusters to intercede Microsoft backs down on MSN browser block
Fri 26 October: The software giant has made an abrupt about-face after being caught out blocking non-Microsoft browsers from its new MSN site shuts out non-Microsoft browsers
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