How ready is your organization for "blockchain"?

Survey seeks to understand blockchain awareness, investment, research and development activities, and success factors.
Written by Steve Wilson, Analyst

Constellation Research is conducting a survey to find out how prepared organizations are to implement blockchain-related technologies (Constellation calls these technologies, Synchronous Ledger Technologies).

The study aims to benchmark awareness of blockchain-based building blocks and services, the level of investment businesses are making, and the readiness of technology buyers to implement blockchain solutions.

If you are an individual with authority or influence over technology strategy in your organization, please take the blockchain survey by Jan. 19, 2018. The survey contains six multiple-choice questions and should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

In more detail, the survey drills into the following:

  1. Market awareness: Buyer awareness of various blockchain initiatives, and which ones are attracting the most attention.
  2. Organizational involvement: Which departments of businesses are investing in ledger technologies?
  3. Budget
  4. Activity: How do businesses engage in major blockchain industry activities?
  5. Success factors: What are the success factors for implementation of blockchain initiatives?

In exchange for completing the survey, Constellation will send you a summary of the results. Take the Constellation Blockchain Survey here.

And thanks in advance for your participation!

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