How to check the iPhone battery level on the Apple Watch

It's easy to keep tabs on the Apple Watch battery on the iPhone but it requires an app and a bit of effort to check iPhone battery life on the watch. This is an easy way to do it without breaking the bank.


Check iPhone battery on Apple Watch

Apple added a useful widget to iOS that allows iPhone owners to check the remaining battery life of the Apple Watch and other devices connected to the phone. What's missing is a way to do the opposite -- check remaining iPhone battery life on the Apple Watch. Here's a simple way to do it for $1.99.

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The Apple Watch works with the iPhone through apps on the phone. Apps with support for the watch can be run on the wrist and, through "Glances", can be accessed directly from the watch face by swiping up on the screen.

Since there is no standard way to track the phone battery on the watch, an app on the iPhone that can be accessed from the Apple Watch is needed. I use the $1.99 Power app on the iPhone to keep an eye on the battery life from the watch face on the Apple Watch.

The Power app doesn't do much, it simply displays a battery level on the iPhone. That simplicity is perfect for displaying in a glance of the Apple Watch. Here's how to make it work in just a few minutes.

Download and install the Power app on the iPhone. As mentioned, it's $1.99 but worth it if you want to check the phone battery on the watch.


Make the Power app available on Apple Watch

Run the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and find the Power app which now appears on the watch. Tap the Power app on the iPhone and make sure that both "show App on Apple Watch" and "show in Glances" are active (see image at right).

That's it! To access the iPhone battery level on the Apple Watch simply swipe up on the watch face. Then swipe left or right until the iPhone battery level appears on the watch. Swipe down on the face to get back to the main watch face display.

As with any Glance on the Apple Watch, the order of each app can be set however you wish by editing the order in the Glances section on the Apple Watch app on the iPhone.