How to get rid of the Gmail Meet tab on iPhone and Android

Another annoyance bites the dust.

I use Gmail.

A lot.

This means that anything that gets between me and my emails means a productivity hit.

Lately, the Meet tab that Google has added to the Gmail app on iOS, iPadOS, and Android -- presumably to try to get us to use it -- has been annoying me, getting in the way of my fingers, and taking up screen space.

Here's how to make the Meet button go away, freeing up more screen space.

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The procedure is identical on both the iPhone and iPad and Android:

  • Fire up the Gmail app
  • Tap the burger menu located at the top-left of the app, then tap Settings
  • Tap the Gmail account
  • Toggle the setting for Meet Show the Meet tab for video calling off
  • If you use multiple accounts, you'll need to do the same for all that use the Gmail app

The annoying Meet tab is now gone! If you ever need it back, reverse the above steps.

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