How to save a phone that's been dropped into water, mud, soup, or even beer

Here's a service that boasts a success rate of 84 percent, a much higher chance of saving your phone than the popular internet trick of putting it into a bag of rice.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor


It seems that people drop their phones a lot, and they seem to drop them more often when they're around the toilet, puddles, or even pints of beer. There are a number of tricks on the web that claim to be able to suck the moisture out of your device, but in my experience they have a less than 50:50 chance of working.

Enter Redux.

Redux is a lunchbox-sized device that can bring back to life liquid-damaged phones. The device has revived phones damaged by beer, mud, and even soup, and the company boasts a success rate of 84 percent.

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Redux works by using a combination of vacuum pressure and heat to revive the wet phone or tablet. The device is then removed and partially charged to be assessed for success. The process can remove all forms of liquid -- not just water -- and it takes less than an hour.

Pricing for the successful recovery of a device is $50 for a basic phone or a data device and $90 for a smartphone, in addition to a $10 diagnostic fee. If your handset is not recoverable, you're only down the $10 diagnostic fee.

If you're particularly clumsy, then Redux offers a $29.99 membership program that comes with two free device recoveries in the price.

In order to give you the best chance of recovering your water-damaged phone, Redux recommend that:

  • You turn off the device immediately
  • If possible, remove the battery (some devices like iPhones do not have removable batteries)
  • Do not charge the device or put it in rice
  • Take the device to the nearest Redux center ASAP

Nearly 700 Verizon Wireless stores nationwide are now offering the Redux service.

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