HP-Compaq merger hits home stretch

Hewlett-Packard and Compaq's shareholders have now spoken, and it looks like a green light -- albeit a rather faint one at HP. Find out more in this ZDNet News Focus
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HP declares victory in Compaq merger
Wed 20 Mar:
Carly Fiorina claims a 'slim but decisive' shareholder approval of the merger, but opponents - led by Walter Hewlett - maintain hope HP's day of reckoning arrives
Tue 19 Mar:
Shareholders vote on the HP-Compaq merger on Tuesday, while cloak-and-dagger tactics have been instituted to protect thousands of already-filed proxy votes Intel to vote for HP merger
Fri 15 Mar:
Intel and Banc One Investment Advisors join the pro-merger camp as the companies rally support ahead of next week's vote Walter Hewlett: HP is not a one-stop shop
Wed 13 Mar:
Dissident HP director Walter Hewlett argues that HP's plan to become a one-stop shop for corporate customers would instead derail the company CIOs give HP merger the thumbs down
Tue 12 Mar: According to a Merrill Lynch survey, users of Hewlett-Packard and Compaq products and services are against the proposed merger
HP, Compaq: What's in a name?
Mon 11 Mar:
If the mega-merger goes through, it's highly likely that Hewlett-Packard will adopt many of Compaq's product-line names and computer designs as its own HP-Compaq merger gets ISS approval
Wed 6 Mar:
The ISS, an influential advisory firm, gives the proposed marriage of Hewlett-Packard and Compaq a major boost by recommending the deal to shareholders HP-Compaq report could be the deciding factor
Mon 4 Mar:
An Institutional Shareholder Services executive says its merger report will be out early next week, and its recommendations could be vital to shareholders Fiorina says pay no heed to Hewlett
Thurs 28 Feb:
The HP chief executive dismisses Walter Hewlett's alternative proposals as 'a press release' while defending the plans for a merger with Compaq to analysts HP, Compaq set dates for merger vote
Wed 6 Feb:
Hewlett-Packard and Compaq have named the dates for their shareholders to vote on the proposed merger EU approves HP-Compaq merger
Fri 1 Feb:
European regulators say the deal would not significantly harm competitors or consumers, but the US has yet to give its stamp of approval COMMENT:
The HP-Compaq deal: Heads you lose, tails you lose
As shareholders vote on the HP-Compaq merger, take, a short tour through the not-too-pretty history of high-tech mergers leads to just one conclusion: whichever way this vote goes, nobody wins.
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