HP rolls out new Pro-based PCs

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is hoping to continue on its Pentium Pro roll with new models in the line.

HP, a leader in Pro-based systems from the moment it launched its faster-than-Intel motherboard to coincide with the chip's release, is ramping its lead with the dual-200MHz CPU Vectra XU PC Workstation. Based on Windows NT 4.0, the desktops come with 512Kb cache, Matrox Millennium graphics, Ultra SCSI, 100Mbits/sec LAN interface, 16-speed CD-ROM drive and TopTOOLS desktop management software.

Estimated street prices start at £2,828 + VAT for a uniprocessor system with 32Mb RAM and 2.1Gb hard drive.

HP's Customer Information Centre can be contacted by telephone on 0990-474747.