HP's Converged Cloud chief to leave company

HP's Converged Cloud vice president Zorawar Biri Singh will leave the company, for reasons yet unknown.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor on

Computing giant HP has confirmed that its senior vice president and general manager for Converged Cloud and Cloud Services unit is leaving. 

A HP spokesperson confirmed to AllThingsD earlier today that Zorawar Biri Singh will depart the firm, although details remain scarce. His LinkedIn page remains unchanged, so it's unclear as to whether he has been poached by another firm or is 'just' leaving the technology giant.

Singh had overseen the company's public cloud computing effort. In a bid to compete with some of the other major cloud players, such as Amazon and Google in the cloud space, former HP chief executive Leo Apotheker announced in early 2011 its own cloud service platform that would directly compete with the other major players in the cloud computing playground.

Roger Levy, the group's vice president for technology and customer relations, will hold the fort on an interim basis until the position is filled again.

Where this leaves HP's Converged Cloud program remains unclear. In a statement, the firm said it was "committed" to its Converged Cloud portfolio, adding that it is, "critical to HP’s efforts to deliver superior public cloud infrastructure, services and solutions to our customers."

However, despite recent troubles, it's clear that HP is still committed to keeping the company as one whole, singular unit -- in spite of the numerous offers put on the table -- and is not letting go of its cloud platform. After all, while HP still remains at the top of the PC manufacturing leaderboard -- for now -- the cloud is where the next enterprise cash cow is.

Update at 1:05 p.m. ET: correcting Singh's title and that he worked on HP's public cloud effort.

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