HTC reportedly launching Windows Phone devices in Sept

HTC has Windows Phone 7 devices on the runway. These devices could be a good diversification tool as HTC largely rides with Android.

HTC is reportedly going to launch devices with the latest Windows Phone operating system Mango Sep. 1. The move will be a nice hedge against becoming too dependent on Android.

Boy Genius Report said these Windows Phone devices will be headed to AT&T and T-Mobile. The news by itself isn't all that surprising--HTC and Microsoft have been strong partners for years--but the launch is notable given the Google purchase of Motorola.

Publicly, HTC has said it will support Android even though Google now owns Motorola, an obvious rival. Both Samsung and HTC have supported Google's acquisition of Motorola. And why not? Google will own patents that can give HTC and Motorola some lawsuit protection. Meanwhile, it's also possible that Google will exit manufacturing anyway.

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