I admit that I am a fanboy

As a result of the constant barrage of accusations that I am a fanboy, I must admit that it is true.
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"You're a fanboy, how dare you say that Chrome OS is good enough for you! Are you an idiot?"

"You never say anything positive about Windows 8; you must be paid by Apple!"

"The iPad is far superior to Android tablets, you moron!"

"I can't believe you'd say that the Note 2 is a great phone. The iPhone is better, you fandroid."

That represents the gist of a lot of correspondence I receive on a continual basis, cleaned up for publication. The focus of the outrage largely follows whatever topic I have covered at the time. The constant barrage of such vehement reactions has led me to realize that I am, indeed, a fanboy.

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Galaxy Note 2 not depicted as it was used to take this photo.
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I am a fanboy, but of what, exactly?

I love mobile technology and meet the definition of a fanboy when I think about it. I love everything about mobile technology, from the advances I have seen in the field over the years to the fantastic hardware of today. I love how much I can do with just about every mobile gadget at my disposal. I am fanatical about mobile tech, so obviously, I am a fanboy.

You have to look at the gear I use and what I think about it to understand how much of a fanboy I really am.

My Galaxy Note 2 is a fantastic phone that I love. I can do all sorts of things with it that were unheard of just a few years ago. I like Android, I like the apps, and I like the hardware.

My iPhone 4S is not the latest model from Apple but it's still a nice phone for me. I like the OS, I like the apps, and I like the hardware.

I adore the newest acquisition in my moble arsenal, the HP Envy x2 laptop that becomes a tablet with a snap. I like the hardware, I like Windows 8, I like a few Metro apps, and a big assortment of desktop apps. I love the long battery life that lets me keep going and going.

I like the Chromebook Pixel with its superb hardware, and the Chrome OS that suits me just fine. I like the web apps and how they run on the outstanding display. I really like how much I can get done with it.

I like my 13-inch MacBook Pro with the Retina Display. I like OS X, I like the apps I run, and I like the great hardware design.

I like my Nexus 7 and the good value it represents. The hardware is great and I like it, and the Android OS is very nice. The apps are as good as any out there, and make it all work nicely.

I like my iPad with its Retina Display. I like iOS, although I wish it would get a facelift. I like the apps, and how I can use it all heavily and still have lots of battery life left.

I like my iPad mini, which has all the good things I like about its bigger sibling (except the Retina Display). I love reading ebooks on it.

I'm the ultimate fanboy with commitment issues

There you have it, my confession that I am a total fanboy of mobile tech. I love using it every day, and delight in all that I can accomplish with it. I get excited when new tech comes along, and rush to get my hands on it.

Based on the gear I am fanatical about as detailed above, I'm not just a fanboy of mobile tech. I am obviously a Windows 8 fanboy, an iPad fanboy, Android fanboy, Note 2 fanboy, Nexus 7 fanboy, iPhone fanboy, iOS fanboy, OS X fanboy, iPad mini fanboy, Chrome OS fanboy, Chromebook Pixel fanboy, Apple fanboy, MacBook Pro fanboy, Microsoft fanboy, Google fanboy, and HP Envy x2 fanboy.

That's a whole lot of fanboyism going on — and I admit it freely. I like it all, and get excited about it on a regular basis.

I enjoy using it all, not just one platform or gadget. I revel in how each platform has grown into the mature platform it is today. I love how hardware — whether smartphone, tablet, or laptop — has gotten smaller, more portable, and more powerful than ever.

To answer the inevitable question of which one gadget would I want to be stranded on a deserted island with, I can't tell you. In a perfect world, I'd be stranded with all of it. That way, I could go months before all the batteries run dry.

I am indeed the ultimate fanboy with commitment issues.

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