IBM Aptiva sounds out home market

IBM UK upgraded its home PC Aptiva range today claiming that the Series S and Series E can now rival the sound quality of hi-fi systems.

IBM has struck a deal with audio specialist Bose to integrate the company's technology, including Bose Acoustimass speaker technology, into the PCs and built-in speakers in the monitor.

The entry-level E Series can be based on an IBM PR166 MMX chip up to a P233 MMX, with 16, 32 or 64Mb SDRAM. All but the entry level machine come with a 33.6Kbps modem as standard. There is also a choice of 14 or 15 inch monitors and hard drives ranging from 2.1 to 4.2Gb.

The S Series has three models with P233 MMX or P266 MMX chips and 32Mb SDRAM as standard (upgradable to 384Mb). The top model has a DVD-II drive while the standard CDROM drive is 24 speed. Monitors are available in 15 and 17 inch while hard drives are 4.2Gb as standard.

Pricing starts at £999.

IBM: 0345 727272