IBM bids to become Hollywood star

Linux is hogging the limelight...
Written by Mark Graham, Contributor on

Linux is hogging the limelight...

IBM is looking to exploit the success of Linux in Hollywood by introducing its own Linux Digital Studio package.

Linux, the operating system that serves as an alternative to Microsoft Windows, has taken Hollywood by storm, mainly because it is free.

Linux was used to create movies such as Titanic and the recent animated release Shrek. Pixar Animation Studios, creator of the Toy Story movies, and George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic special effects studio are also considering using Linux. Steve Canepa, VP for media and entertainment at IBM, said Linux will continue to take the market by storm and his company wants a slice of the pie.

One of the advantages of Linux is that it allows smaller PCs to be stacked together to create a supercomputer, helping with intensive tasks such as rendering three-dimensional graphics.

However, for IBM to break into the entertainment market it must compete with other players, such as SGI, which is famed for its part in the creation of Jurassic Park . SGI began using Linux a couple of years ago.

Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems have also had success in Hollywood using Linux servers and workstations.

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