IBM launches services platform based on Watson

The effort brings together parts and data from IBM's services expertise to offer automation and insights to augment human intelligence.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor on

IBM is using Watson and a data lake compiling operational information from banking, airlines and retails to build out a cognitive services platform.

The system, dubbed the IBM Services Platform with Watson, is built on Big Blue's cloud. The game plan is to pitch the services platform as a way to integrate Watson and cognitive capabilities across multiple industries. In theory, IBM's Services Platform with Watson would augment human intelligence and make the 44 zetabytes of data by 2020 more manageable to analyze.

Danske Bank is an early adopter of the services platform under a 10-year broader contract. Danske Bank will use the platform to develop new financial services.

IBM's bet is that the services platform can use proactive automation to fix issues, analyze content, and guide humans to resolve problems. IBM's Services Platform with Watson will aim to hit a bevy of services from creating to integration to operations.

Parts of the IBM Services Platform with Watson include:

  • A data link that's based on more than 30 years of IBM services data.
  • A client insights dashboard to provide visibility into the IT environment.
  • Automated service delivery tools.
  • Watson, which will ingest structured and unstructured data and provide analysis.

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