IBM to woo corporates with latest ThinkPad

More secure than its predecessors, says Big Blue
Written by Suzanna Kerridge, Contributor on

More secure than its predecessors, says Big Blue

IBM's is out to woo the more discerning corporate customer with its latest wireless ThinkPad.

It promises Bluetooth technology and an unrivalled embedded security system, at least according to Jim Alfaro, worldwide ThinkPad consultant at IBM.

According to Alfaro, the market for such devices is not as hot as it was last year, which explains IBM's focus on these new features.

Alfaro said: "If we're going to be different than the folks selling on price then we have to sell innovations. Corporates are no longer switching machines every two years. They want something that lasts a lot longer so they want something sturdier instead of a cheap machine that they bin after 18 months."

The T30 is based on IBM's 600 series - its most popular model with over two million sales to date. Alfaro is hoping the T30 will build on that success.

"We do enjoy very good business from corporates with the T series and we're hoping to sell big volumes. Our 600 series was the most successful laptop ever."

Security is one of the T30's key features. It offers an embedded cryptography processor for storing public and private security keys - which, according to Alfaro, is an absolute must with wireless technology.

"It you're talking about wireless then in the next breath you have to mention security. The security subsystem is compliant with TCPA and provides user-selectable automatic file, folder and email encryption."

The launch of the T30 also marks the extension of IBM's agreement with Cisco to support its wireless networking products.

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