icFox launches first online Project Management Solution in Malaysia

icFox (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, a business enabler for the global construction industry, has launched the first online project management solution in the country

MALAYSIA - icFox (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, a business enabler for the global construction industry, has launched the first online project management solution in the country.

Known as ProjectNet, the collaborative management solution is expected to achieve a savings of no less then 10 per cent in cost, time and manpower for all construction and infrastructure projects.

“We expect ProjectNet to improve the level of communication and efficiency by reducing cost, time and manpower. We also expect to minimise disputes and delays, as participants on a particular project will conduct all correspondence online and would have a clearer understanding of the lines of responsibility, said icFox International Chief Technology Officer, Mr Loo Ming Chee.

He explained that ProjectNet could help slash some RM75,000 on communications costs for a construction project valued at RM500,000. Currently, documentation costs alone can vary from RM1, 000 to RM50, 000 depending on the size of the project.

For example, drawings and other documentation will no longer have to be physically photocopied and transported to architects, designers and engineers for approvals. Approvals and amendments can be made online saving valuable time on rework.

He also said that by using an Internet platform, ProjectNet would be able to provide extensive, valuable information that can be exchanged and stored in a secure manner for use by industry players. Online communication would also lead towards greater efficiency and transparency in the industry.

Targeted at developers, contractors, manufacturers, architects, engineers, and suppliers, ProjectNet is offered on an Application Service Provider (ASP) model at a flat fee for an unlimited number of users.

Developed by Cephren and Bid.com at an estimated US$1 million, icFox International identified ProjectNet because of its proven track record and its leaning towards a more Asian style of management, which is more non-confrontational, consultative and conciliatory in nature.

The Sunway Group of Companies and SP Setia Berhad are currently using the online project management solution. Setia dotCom Sdn Bhd is icFox’s local partner. Its other partner is Pinar Pelita Sdn Bhd.

icFox International’s shareholders include cost consultants, Davis Langdon & Seah Group (DLS), Hong-Kong listed construction, property and information technology investment company, Paul Y-ITC Group, Hanny Holdings Ltd, an international manufacturing, sales and marketing company, and pFission Ltd., the wholly owned e-Business arm of Pidemco Land Ltd., one of the region’s largest property developer.

Its technology partners are Hewlett Packard, Broadvision, SMS Shopfront, Veritas Software Corporation and FusionActive.

Mr Loo pointed out that, “icFox is not a New Economy company. It is, in fact, a very real and traditional business. What we are aiming to do is web-enable an old industry that is behind in terms of Information Technology and inefficient due to the many layers of people involved in the supply and procurement chain process.”

icFox offers three business-enabling platforms, namely e-Catalogue Editor, e-Trading Forum and e-Business Centre:-

  • e-Catalogue Editor: allows sellers to present their product catalogues on-line in their own language
  • e-Trading Forum: enables developers to post their tender documents online and invite bids from contractors and suppliers. It is also an on-line marketplace and auction house
  • E-Business Centre: offers on-line project management solutions such as ProjectNet, enterprise resource planning, financial, insurance and legal advisory information. It also has a global construction library with extensive and valuable references.

Already launched in Hong Kong and Singapore, icFox International is scheduled to launch its other Internet exchanges in Malaysia, China, the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and Australia this year.