If lacking experience gets in the way of a career

A fresh graduate keen to embark on a career in th SAP field notes that many job ads in Singapore insist on experience.

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Q. I have SAP enterprise resource planning certification and I am interested to seek a career in the SAP field in Singapore.

Every company listed in various job portals that I have visited, is looking for people with experience.

I would like to know how a fresh university graduate can embark on a career in the SAP-related field

Career advice from Tay Kok Choon, country manager of JobStreet Singapore:
It is natural for an organization to seek experienced staff because such employees are deemed to be productive immediately without much supervision.

However, the experienced talent pool remains limited in supply.

As such, there are companies (generally, they tend to be the bigger ones) that are prepared to enlist the help of fresh graduates and provide them opportunities to grow within the firm. Besides that, the cultural fit may be better.

It is important for fresh graduates to come across enthusiastic, have a quality academic background with good theoretical understanding of the subject matter. This will enhance the eagerness of hiring managers to give them a try. Many companies believe that through this process, they will in turn be able to retain the staff more effectively.

So, don't lose heart, keep applying especially to jobs that welcome fresh graduates.