In India, a 10-story tower built in just 48 hours

Developers in India constructed a 10-story building in only two days.
Written by Sarah Korones, Contributor

The incredibly speedy construction of prefabricated towers so popular in China has officially made its way over to India.

Today (December 1), the country welcomed a 10-story building that was put up in just 48-hours.

Aptly named “Instacon,” the newly finished tower sits in the town of Mohali, a suburb of Chandigarh in northwest India. The 10-story tower was completed today after a team of engineers, technicians and supervisors began work on its construction on Thursday afternoon.

The man in charge of the entire project, entrepreneur Harpal Singh, came up with the rapid construction process after becoming increasingly frustrated with the development of his own house, which took two years. To ensure that Instacon would be completed promptly, Singh and his infrastructure company, Synergy Thrislington, used prefabricated components that were assembled beforehand in a nearby factory.

“All the components have been manufactured already, doors that can be pre-fitted, water supply components, wiring, sanitation, air conditioned ducts and everything else,” Singh said in a statement before construction began. “These will be shifted in state-of-the-art transporting vehicles to the actual site for installation.”

With more than 200 workers, 200 tons of steel and three cranes, the tower, which has been built to withstand high magnitude earthquakes, stood three floors high after only six hours, seven floors after 24 hours and 10 floors at 48 hours.

[via Inhabitat via World Architecture News]

Video, Image: SynergyInstacon/YouTube

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